Series: Redeem the Screen

Screen Door

As we conclude this series, our prayer is that through technology we rally around this truth: “don’t let evil conquer us, but overcome evil by doing good.” As a church, we recognize the amazing influence technology can have not only through reaching people for Christ but also in equipping them in their faith. We can …

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Social media has slowly become a carefully curated illusion of status and importance. When the world places a high value on followers and influencers, we as a Church must remember that we belong to each other. We won’t fall prey to the smokescreen of social media. Watch this week’s powerful message from Redeem the Screen. …

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Screen Time

This past Sunday, we started a new message series called Redeem The Screen. We are going to have an honest conversation about what it actually means to live in, but not of, the ever-changing world of technology. Week 1 Bible Study                              …

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