Series: The COVID Rule

Rediscovering What Matters Most

This week’s message will conclude the series, “The COVID Rule,” as we look into Moses’ life before he led the Hebrew people out of Egypt toward the Promised Land. How did Moses use his toughest days to prepare for his greatest mission? What lessons can we learn from Moses as we rediscover what matters most …

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Don’t Zoom Your Life Away

There was a certain rush to life before COVID-19. We filled up calendars and ran from here to there. The pandemic has given us time to think, pray, and reevaluate how we spend our time. Join us for this week’s message, “Don’t Zoom Your Life Away” as we continue to rediscover what matters most!

Alone Together: A Conversation on Grace

This week we will continue our message series called: The COVID Rule. Pastor Patrick shares a heartfelt conversation he had earlier that will help us wrestle through an important message.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

COVID-19 has reminded us of our mortality. It is inevitable that we will die someday. How has this global pandemic reminded us that our health is really our wealth? Join us for “The COVID Rule” as we continue to rediscover what matters most.

Masking the Truth

COVID-19 has stopped the world! This once in a lifetime global pandemic has touched everyone. How long will it last? What does the future hold? Where will we go from here? What will we have learned? Join us for a new series, “The COVID Rule”, as we rediscover what matters most.