What's Next For Century

Looking To The Future

What's Next For Century!

Century Church is a new church plant meeting in the Pike Road School. In that time we have experienced tremendous growth spiritually and numerically as nearly 80 people have been baptized since our inception as we have watched our church family grow into nearly 500 people.

The Why:

Community – We know connecting people to a community of faith who desire to know God and make God known is the most incarnational activity we can do to share the love of God. Building community where people can grow and share life together will always be a priority. We want to be for strong families, schools, businesses, and people as we share life with one another.

Town of Pike Road – We understand the incredible opportunity the church has to engage a new town with the life transforming message of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we commit to serving in grace and truth the Town of Pike Road and her citizens. It will be our greatest hope to embed the Gospel for the creation of a strong community.

New churches needed – We know the church in America is experiencing a substantial decline in membership and participation. Therefore, we resolve to be part of the solution as a new church forming community in new ways to reach the next generation of people in America. Our hope is to be part of a church planting movement bringing revival to our land. We commit to the vision of planting 100 churches in communities all over America in order to see more people brought into the life-saving communion of Jesus Christ.

The What:

Land – We believe the purchase of land is the next important step for our church as we approach our two-year anniversary as a portable church. The land and subsequent building will provide the foundation for our community activities as well as provide the opportunity to launch other churches and ministries from our first location in Pike Road.

Master Plan – We want to develop a Master Plan for the future of our first campus that lends itself to being part of the fabric of the Town of Pike Road.  This plan will specify the framework and establish our DNA as a church “for” the community. The hope is to develop the land and buildings into a center of activity for the entire community to enjoy, complete with activities that compel people to visit our property again and again. The expectation is to encourage people to engage with our church family through the intentional, incarnational ministry offered through every ongoing activity on our church property. We will be contagious to people by meeting needs and caring for the community first and earning the right to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ second.

Building – The building(s) on the new property will be designed with the needs of the community in mind. While we will meet the needs of our church family, we must never forget that the surrounding community is our mission field. We will strive to design a new kind of church that gives itself away sacrificially, demonstrating the sacrificial love Jesus has for each of us. Our buildings will never be for us, they will be for them who have yet to experience the abundant life only offered through Jesus. It is our responsibility to leverage our resources, including our buildings, to know and meet the needs of the wider community. Therefore, we will use our buildings effectively and efficiently for the sole purpose of loving people into the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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